Family Competence Program


The Family Competence Program is an adaptation of the Strengthening Families Program (SFP), which is a multi-component program of proven efficiency in preventing drug use and other behavioral problems in children. Through the Family Competence Program an improvement in parenting competence, social skills and children’s behavior is achieved, as well as in family relationships.

Target population: families participating in the program are at high-risk, whether because one of their members is a drug consumer, or because the social characteristics of the families might induce children to addictive or antisocial behavior.


The program aims to reduce family risk factors in sons and daughters and strengthen protective factors. Its overall objective is to increase the resistance capacity of their children to high risk of drug use and antisocial behavior.

More specifically, the program aims to increase the skills of fathers and mothers, sons and daughters, and improve family relationships.

  • Improve family relationships.
  • Increase parenting skills.
  • Improve children’s behavior.
  • Increase children’s social competence.
  • Reduce or prevent drug and alcohol use.