Aplication and contact


For entities willing to implement the Program

In the process of research and evaluation planned interventions are:

  • Formation to the professional of Social Service
  • Pre and post continuous assessment of the Program
  • Original material in paper or audiovisuals (DVD-role-playing and CD audio)
  • Technical support and online monitoring (weekly) of the implementation of the Program
  • Database containing the main results of the different questionnaires used for the assessment of the Program, fulfilling the requirements of the Law of Protection of Personal Information.

For users, motivation and cooperation is required

  • Program on parental competence (14 sessions).
  • Program on the social skills of the children (14 sessions.
  • Program to improve family relationships (13 sessions). All sessions are 3h 30 minutes per week.

If you wish to contact us you can email at competenciafamiliar@gmail.com